Encouraging Successful Women

I was recently inspired by an order that came through for 50 wish bracelets. These were to be handed out at a Women’s Affinity Summit in Milwaukee.

They featured an encouraging sentiment

Behind every SUCCESSFUL WOMAN is a tribe of other SUCCESSFUL WOMEN who have her back

I love to be part of such strength and positivity and wish more people took time to encourage and inspire others, rather than criticise them. The bracelets were made up in a wide range of colours and then packaged up for their trip across the Atlantic.

The idea behind a wish bracelet is that you make a wish and put the bracelet on your wrist, and eventually when the cord wears out and breaks, your wish is released and will come true – so they say!

Close your eyes and make a wish
then put this bracelet on your wrist
when your bracelet breaks in two
your wish is ready to come true

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